QuickImageComment is built with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express and Visual C# 2010 Express. The 32-Bit-version uses .NET 3.0, the 64-Bit-version .NET 4.0.

In order to build the program, four components are necessary, which are available in Download/Source Code:


This is the main program, written in C#.

For display of maps leaflet is integrated.


With this package a DLL is built, which is used in QuickImageComment to read and write meta data. Basis for this are exiv2 (www.exiv2.org, written in C++) und expat (www.libexpat.org, written in C, used by exiv2). The original sources of both packages are available in Download/Source Code as well. An Interface class is added to these components. The DLL is built with option "Common Language RunTime Support (/clr)", so that it can be used in QuickImageComment or other C#-programs without difficulties.

The solution contains also a main program. This is just used for test purposes.


With this package a DLL is built, which allows to customize masks. This DLL can also be used in other C#-programs.

At the moment there is no instruction for integration into other programs. If You are interested, please contact the author.


With this package a DLL is built, which is used to get a frame-image out of a Video-file.

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