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The program is available in several variants:

There is also a variant with slightly limited functionality that runs on Windows XP with the .Net 4.0 framework. The limitations of this variant:

  • It does not include LibRaw for display of RAW images, so for display of RAW images a manufacturer's codec or the Microsoft Raw Image Extension is needed.
  • Google Maps or Bing Maps cannot be used for the map display in the program itself, only via "Map in Standard Browser".
  • It does not support using AppCenter.ms which allows sending error reports and anonymous usage data.
    Note: Using AppCenter.ms has to be enabled explicitely in the variant for .Net 4.6.1, so using the variant for Windows XP/.Net 4.0 is not necessary to avoid sending data via AppCenter.ms.



The documentation can be downloaded as a PDF file. The content corresponds to the help included in the program package.


Source code

Source code is available on GitHub: