© Norbert Wagner 2022

The Version 4.56 of QuickImageComment ist now available in the Download-Area.

Enhancements and improvements:

  • Sequence number of the image is displayed below the image to the left of the file name.
  • New internal fields "Image.MetaDataWarningsExiv2" and "Image.MetaDataWarningsNotExiv2". The fields allow to search for images with corresponding messages - separated by whether the message comes from Exiv2 or not. Since the search does not read the meta-data completely, the warnings may be incomplete.
  • In the text field for the query in the mask "Search via Properties - Edit query" manual changes can be undone with Ctrl-Z and restored with Ctrl-Y. In each case, all changes since the text field was filled (when the mask is opened or when "Previous" or "Next" is pressed) are undone.

The following errors have been fixed:

  • With each restart, the mask became smaller if scaling for Toolbar was set to a different value than for general scaling.
  • When changing the scaling in full screen mode, a part of the mask could be cut off on the right and bottom.
  • Variant for Windows XP only: Crash when saving changes to JPEG files.