© Norbert Wagner 2022

The Version 4.55 of QuickImageComment ist now available in the Download-Area.

Enhancements and improvements:

  • New in mask "Image in own window": scrolling of images with keyboard or mouse; display of meta data in title bar (configurable).
  • Mask "Predefined IPTC Keywords": By indenting, a hierarchy of keywords can be defined. This allows parts to be expanded and collapsed in the tree of the "IPTC Keywords" area, making it easier to select keywords.
  • Optionally, a hint can be displayed if a non-predefined keyword has been assigned to an image. Such images can also be searched for. This is to facilitate consistent keywording.
  • Search via properties: If the option "Save data on exit" is activated, the update of the data now starts when the program is started, not when the search mask is opened for the first time. This makes the updated data available earlier.
  • Search via properties: If IPTC keywords is defined as a search field, a tree with the predefined keywords is displayed on the right in the lower area of the mask. Keywords to be searched for can be checked here.
  • Search via properties: Some fields can have multiple values, e.g. IPTC keywords. For the search, these values are combined into a string, whereby the order is not defined. Therefore, the comparison operators have been removed for these fields, where the order of the single values is important.
  • Search via properties: also, the second operator can now be "<>", "contains", "does not contain", "does not start with" or "does not end with".
  • Search via properties: In an additional mask the query can be edited in a SQL-like syntax. This allows for more complex queries. In addition, a previously executed query can be selected to customize and re-execute it.
  • Only for .Net 4.6.1 variants: New version 0.28.0 of library exiv2 integrated: some new tags and lens data; for ExifEasy more Exif properties are considered, so now ExifEasy properties of some images are filled, which were empty in the previous version.
    Since exiv2 0.28.0 is no longer executable under Windows XP, the variant for Windows XP continues to be shipped with exiv2

The following errors have been fixed:

  • When changing "incl. cards for display only (* ...)", the selection list was filled incorrectly, selection at the end of the list led to a program crash.