© Norbert Wagner 2022

The Version 4.54 of QuickImageComment ist now available in the Download-Area.

Enhancements and improvements:

  • New mask "Scaling": magnification of all masks can be adjusted; separate scaling for toolbar and thumbnail/tiles. The zoom factor in mask "Customize mask" can still be used to scale individual masks. Mask-specific zoom factors can be disabled in "Customize mask" by setting the factor once to the general scaling factor.
  • Some properties can also be changed in the "Overview", "Exif" and "IPTC" tabs. Modifiable values are displayed with a white background, non-modifiable with a light gray background. Details in the Help, Chapter 3.6, subsection "Input in the tabs for properties".
  • Changed entries for artist, comment and IPTC keywords as well as in the configurable input area are marked by a light-yellow background. If the entry is reset, the background becomes white again. Instead of light-yellow, another color can be specified in the general configuration file.

The following errors have been fixed:

  • When opening a sub-mask for the second time, the zoom factor from mask "Customize mask" mask was not taken into account.
  • The program could crash at "Set file date to date image generated" if recording date was out of the allowed range for file date.