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The Version 4.52 of QuickImageComment ist now available in the Download-Area.

Enhancements and improvements:

  • Variant for Net 4.6.1 and higher and if WebView2 Runtime is installed: When displaying the recording location on map, maps only for display (e.g. Google Maps and Bing Maps) can be hidden (which technically means disabling WebView2).
    Background: Google Maps and Bing Maps require WebView2. However, WebView2 occasionally causes problems. Instead of disabling WebView2 via the general configuration file as before, you can now do this directly in the interface.
  • Wildcard characters ("?" for any one character, "*" for any number of characters) can now be used in the file filter.

Following error is corrected:

  • If the installed version of WebView2 did not match the components shipped with the program, the program could crash. In such cases, the "old" browser component is now used, but it does not support Google Maps and Bing Maps.
  • Mask "Search via properties": With the button " Criteria of current file" the GPS data of the recording location were not taken over.
  • Program could crash with "SplitterDistance must be between Panel1MinSize and Width - Panel2MinSize" when container with image details was made very small.