© Norbert Wagner 2022

The Version 4.47 of QuickImageComment ist now available in the Download-Area.

Enhancements and improvements:

  • In the version for .Net 4.6.1 and higher and if WebView2 Runtime is installed: Google Maps or Bing Maps can now also be used for the map display. The links that were previously used for "Map in Standard Browser" are used for this. With these links only display is possible, the coordinates cannot be changed.
  • New version 0.27.5 of exiv2 library integrated, with new tag Exif.Photo.Gamma.

Following errors are corrected:

  • Program crash if during meta data removal the image was used by another process.
  • Map view: Search did not work in the version for .Net4, error message: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.
  • If the mask "Settings" was exited with "Cancel", no values were displayed in the configurable input area.
  • Application could freeze in views tile or thumbnails, if several files were changed within short time period.