The Version 4.39 of QuickImageComment ist now available in the Download-Area.

Enhancements and improvements:

  • Images/videos can be searched via position on map with radius.
  • Map view: Position can be entered via coordinates (degrees in decimal or with degrees/minutes/seconds).
  • New fields "Image.GPSsignedLatitude" (negative values for south) and "Image.GPSsignedLongitude" (negative values for west), primarily for search for images via position.
  • If a file is selected that is write-protected or to which access is generally not permitted, the controls for changing data are locked. A note "write-protected" or "no access" appears in the footer.
  • The maximum number of GPS positions that are stored for the search list of the map display now applies separately to unnamed entries that were created by marking them on the map and to named entries that are the result of a search (recognizable by a speaking name such as "Düsseldorf Hbf"). This is to prevent new unnamed entries from gradually displacing named entries from the list.

Following errors are corrected:

  • Program crash during search if an image was deleted between reading data and starting the search.
  • Program crash if an empty folder was selected, a position in the map was selected and then the folder was changed.
  • Program crash without message when opening an image with tag of type XmpSeq of length zero.
  • Program crash when trying to save a read-only file.
  • Program crash when trying to open the calendar in configurable input area in case the corresponding input field was empty.
  • Program crash when changing setting configuration in mask "Adjust View".
  • If no access to a file was possible, the Exif/IPTC/XMP data of the previously read file was displayed


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