Enhancements and Improvements:

  • Accept a folder or file name as commandline argument, which allows to use the program via "Send to" in Windows explorer context menu.
  • Files can be opened via drag-and-drop.
  • New menu entry "File - Open" to open folders or files via entering the full name (i.e. including complete path).
  • Mask "Field definitions": allows to define a list of valid values, which are used in main mask to check input in configurable input area.
  • Main mask: if Exif.Image.Orientation is added to configurable input area, a drop down list shows the valid (numeric) values together with an explanation (e.g. "bottom, left (180° + horiz.flip)"). After saving changes of Exif.Image.Orientation, image will be rotated accordingly.
  • Performance improvement when opening a folder.
  • During scrolling via scrollbar in file list with view tiles or thumbnails, no new thumbnails are created. Only already existing thumbnails are displayed. In this way scrolling can be much faster. During fast rotation of mouse wheel, update of thumbnails is avoided as well.
  • Main mask: Size and spaces in tile and large icon view is configurable via general configuration file.
  • Main mask: new buttons to go to first and last image in folder.

Error Corrections:

  • An error in rotaing images based on orientation given in Exif-properties is corrected.
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