Enhancements and improvements:

  • Via Drag-and-Drop and the menu entry "File - Open" images can be also opened via URLs. For this purpose they are downloaded into the folder "Downloads".
  • Several files can be deleted (up to now only single files could be deleted).
  • The file properties "Created at" and "Modified at" can be set to the date/time when image was generated (Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal).
  • New version 0.26 of library exiv2 integrated with about 250 new tags, especially XMP and reading of an initialization file with assignments of lens names to lens Ids (for display of ExifEasy.LensName).

Following errors are corrected:

  • With some XMP-entries (seen with photos taken with iPhone) the program crashed.
  • During Multi-Saving the program could sometimes "freeze".
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